Miscellany – September 20, 2019

Stephanie Noll’s essay “The Sidearm of a Saguaro” can be found at Cleaning Up Glitterhttps://www.cleaningupglitter.com/the-sidearm-of-a-saguaro-stephanie-noll.

“A Great White Whale,” by MFA fiction student Caleb Ajinomoh, appears in the Summer/Fall print issue of CircleShow.

William Jensen’s story “You Can Outrun the Devil if You Try” will be included in the anthology Road Kill vol. 4: Texas Horror by Texas Writers. His Pushcart-nominated story “Camino Real” will be reprinted in the upcoming “best of the decade” issue of Stoneboat.

MARC student Lea Colchado will present “Slumber of Sins and The Shadow Beast: Looking at Teresa De Cartagena’s Writings Through an Anzaldúan Lens” at the Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) Conference, taking place at Texas State University in October.

Jennifer duBois’ article “The Un-reinvention of Jerry Springer” was just published on New York Magazine’s The Cuthttps://www.thecut.com/2019/09/i-think-about-this-a-lot-jerry-springers-un-reinvention.html?utm_campaign=nym&utm_medium=s1&utm_source=tw

Joe Falocco is currently performing in Archive Theatre’s Austin production of Cyrano. In this original translation by director Jennifer Rose Davis, Joe plays five roles, three of which involve stage combat. To the delight of his students, Dr. Falocco is killed onstage three times during the course of the evening. Here are a few recent reviews of the production. https://ctxlivetheatre.com/reviews/20190903-review-cyrano-de-bergerac-by-the-archive-/ https://www.austinchronicle.com/arts/2019-09-06/cyrano-de-bergerac/?fbclid=IwAR0_CLIxkmJrTDMFewufMlUOhl0KdhUHSaH6hhl6ddmEDzLwns_kGubav2E 

MARC student Sam Garcia will present “Writing Queerly: How Trans Perspectives Can Benefit Writing Center Sessions,” on Oct. 19 at the meeting of the International Writing Centers Association and National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, taking place in Columbus, OH.

“Stull,” a short story by MFA fiction student Steph Grossman, was published in Joyland Magazinehttp://bit.ly/2Y7naY7.

Whitney May’s essay, “‘To Test the Limits and Break Through’: How Femslash Rejects the Straight-Coding of Queer Experiences in Disney’s Frozen,” appears in the new edited collection Representing Kink: Fringe Sexuality and Textuality in Literature, Digital Narrative, and Popular Culture, from Lexington Books.

2nd-year MFA poetry student Luke William’s fourth Songs For Children album was released over the summer and is available to stream and download at https://www.lukekwilliam.com/songsforchildren4.

In the cover story for the October 2019 Texas Monthly, “Battling Over the Past,” the Texas Historical Commission’s marker explaining the 1918 Porvenir Massacre, with text researched and written by MARC graduate and Lecturer Connor Wilson, is cited as an example of recent efforts by historians to more accurately reflect Texas history: “The Porvenir marker. . . had to overcome years of steadfast opposition from local interests. But at public events and lectures, [Professor Martinez of Brown University, who petitioned for creating the marker] has received profuse thanks from descendants of the victims of racist violence. She’s also been thanked by some descendants of Texas Rangers who have struggled to understand their ancestors’ participation in such violence. . . .”

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