Miscellany – October 3, 2019

Ana Stefanovska, a Visiting Scholar at Texas State from February to June 2018, recently defended her Ph.D. dissertation, titled “Lo spazio letterario nella narrativa del Neorealismo” (or Literary Space in Neorealist Narrative) at the University of Padua (Italy). While at Texas State, she studied spatial literary theory and criticism with Rob Tally, gave two talks at national conferences, and also completed two chapters of her dissertation. Ana is from Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia.


Rob Tally’s essay “Critique Unlimited” appears in the book, What’s Wrong with Antitheory?, edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo (Bloomsbury, 2019).


“Kill Yr Idols,” a work of creative non-fiction by MFA fiction graduate Levis Keltner, appears in a recent issue of Anomalyhttp://anmly.org/ap29/levis-keltner/


Steve Wilson’s poem “Solo Road-Trip West” will appear in both the San Antonio Express-News and the Houston Chronicle.  Steve was awarded a Common Experience Event Grant to support the October 23 poetry reading, “‘Tell Me This Didn’t Happen’: Poems on Truth,” with readings by Steve, Cecily Parks, Kathleen Peirce, Naomi Shihab Nye, John Blair and Roger Jones.  A live music performance and refreshments will be provided before the event, which begins at 5:30 in the Gallery of the Common Experience (Lampasas Bldg).


Lecturer and MFA fiction graduate Shannon Perri recently had a short story, “Liquid Gold,” published in Texas Observerhttps://www.texasobserver.org/short-story-contest-finalist-liquid-gold/


Malvern Books will be hosting a reading by MFA poetry graduate Logan Fry at the launch of his new poetry collection Harpo Before the Opus on Saturday, October 19, at 7 pm: http://malvernbooks.com/event/logan-fry-book-launch/?instance_id=3104.


MFA poetry student Brent Green (under the pen name Casey Aimer) has had five poems published or accepted recently: “Lawrence Sullivan Ross” and “Antique Existence,” published at The Fictional Cafehttps://www.fictionalcafe.com/posing-the-tough-questions-poetry-by-casey-aimer/; “Weapons of Mass Production,” published at Whatever Keeps the Lights Onhttps://whateverkeepsthelightson.com/weapons-of-mass; “To Find if You’re Sleeping Next to a Corpse Watch the Chest,” at LampLit Underground; and “Heart Doesn’t Work Like It Used To,” to be published soon at Ars Medica.


MFA fiction student Caleb Ajinomoh’s essay, “Against Exclusion” will be published in the November issue of the AWP Chronicle.


Mark Busby read from new poems at the annual meeting of the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (TACWT), which took place in Houston from September 26-29. His poem, “Remembering Steven,” about his brother Steven Busby (1944-2018), appears in Writing Texas.


Sara Bechtol (MFA fiction student) has a story, “My Banana Milk,” forthcoming in Silk Road Review.

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