Miscellany – June 11, 2019

Two poems by MFA poetry student Abigail Kipp, “A queen” and “boys,” appear in down in the dirt. 

In mid-May, Alyssa Crow (a graduate of the MARC program) successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Utah for a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing.

MFA poetry student Nour Al Ghraowi has several recent acceptances: “More Than Numbers,” an essay about her journey to the U.S., will be published in Dame Magazine; the poem “Arranged” will appear in So To Speak Journal; and the poem “This is Hard to Say” will be published in Mizna Journal.

MFA poetry student Anthony Bradley’s essay, “My Accent Makes Me Beautiful,” has been accepted by The Coachella Review.

Susan Morrison was interviewed by Zak Jason for the May issue of Wired (https://www.wired.com/story/pooping-dark/). The article, “On Pooping in the Dark—No Lights, No Phones, No Distractions,” includes a number of Susan’s insights: “[W]e prefer not to confront our shit, and that’s dangerous. The less mindful we are of where what we eat goes, the less we consider our impact on the environment.”

“Faking It in Seven Disciplines,” an essay by MFA fiction student Kim McFarden, has been published in Belmont Story Review.

MA Literature graduate Jo McIntosh, an Instructor at Concordia University (Austin), has been named holder of the Otto W. and Norma L. Schaefer Endowed Chair in Literature. The award provides assigned time for research and monetary support for inviting scholars to present at Concordia over the next two years.

MFA fiction student Gazzmine Wilkins’ experimental essay, “Hiram Clarke,” will appear in the Texas Observer.

Katie Kapurch’s article, “’Old Town Road’’s Pop Outlaws: Lil Nas X Remixes the Mac-and-Jack Hustle,” was published on CultureSonar recently. The research relates to Katie’s NEH-funded project about African Americans’ musical conversations with the Beatles: https://www.culturesonar.com/old-town-roads-pop-outlaws-lil-nas-x-remixes-the-mac-and-jack-hustle/ 

MFA fiction student Ryan Lopez’s short story “Shadows Doth Make Bright” appears in Deep Overstockhttps://deepoverstock.com/2019/06/03/shadows-doth-make-bright-ryan-shane-lopez/ 

Rob Tally will serve as a featured speaker at this year’s Symposium of the University Consortium of Geographic Information Science, to be held in Washington, DC this week. The theme of the symposium is “The Geospatial Humanities: Transdisciplinary Opportunities for the GIScience Community.

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