Miscellany – August 28, 2015


At the 2015 College of Liberal Arts Convocation, the following English faculty were recognized with awards: Kitty Ledbetter received a Presidential Distinction Award for Teaching, Rob Tally received a Presidential Distinction Award for Scholarly/Creative Activity, Steve Wilson received a Presidential Distinction Award for Service, and Kathleen McClancy received a College Achievement Award for Teaching.

Wendy Shan Wen, Professor and Vice Dean in the College of Foreign Studies at South China Agricultural University, is spending the 2015-16 academic year as a Visiting Research Scholar. Professor Wen will work with Steve Wilson.

On Wednesday, August 12, Stephanie Noll raised over $500 and collected several boxes of books for Old Books for New Teachers, her project that supports first-year teachers by helping them build classroom libraries. The fundraiser was a part of Five Things, a reading series that takes place every other month in Austin.

Benjamin Reed’s essay, “Technologies of Instant Amnesia: Teaching Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Harrison Bergeron’ to the Millennial Generation,” was published in the Spring 2015 issue of Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice: http://www.cpcc.edu/taltp/spring-2015-8-1 [archived].

Kitty Ledbetter presented her paper,“’Five O’Clock Tea’ and Dickens’ Young Man: Edmund Yates as Columnist for The Queen,” at the annual conference of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, held in Ghent, Belgium on July 10. In addition, she has been appointed Assistant Director of Faculty Development for Texas State: her duties will be to coordinate the New Tenure Track Faculty Orientation each fall and the Program for Excellence in Teaching and Learning events throughout the academic year.

Katie Kapurch’s article, “Rapunzel Loves Merida: Melodramatic Expressions of Lesbian Girlhood and Teen Romance in Tangled, Brave, and Femslash,” appears in the Journal of Lesbian Studies.

Steve Wilson’s poem “Selections from a Sketchbook of Birds” will appear in the fall issue of Borderlands.

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