MISCELLANY – June 14, 2024

Katie Kapurch was interviewed for a June 11, 2024, AP news article about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the ride replacing Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland parks: https://apnews.com/article/disney-tiana-ride-splash-mountain-film-racism-e22e9169433365fcb77a51da507a2739.

Susan Morrison’s essay, “The Landlady,” appear in The Vincent Brothers Review (June 7, 2024): https://kaws4tvbr.substack.com/p/the-landlady?utm_source=activity_item.

Robert Tally’s 10-minute video discussion of “Critique” appears as part of the Humanities Seed Bank project produced by Carla Nappi and Eric Hayot, sponsored by the Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Humanities and Information. https://humanitiesseedbank.substack.com/p/robert-tally-critique.

Also, Rob remotely presented a talk, “Subversive Monstrosity: Theorizing the Teratocene,” at Post/Modern Subversion and Textual Rebellion, the 2024 Comparative Literature Conference, UC–Davis, on May 31.

Kale Hensley’s creative nonfiction appears in the Summer 2024 Issue of So to Speak, available here: https://www.sotospeakjournal.org/.

The Department of English Children’s Literature program was represented at the 50th Children’s Literature Association Conference in Madison, WI, May 29-June 1 by Nithya Sivashankar, alumna Beth Pearce (BA English 2004, MA Lit 2007, who is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga), and Professors Emerita Marilynn Olson and Teya Rosenberg. With collaborator Dr. Tharini Viswanath, Dr. Sivashankar gave a presentation, “Adolescence, Ideology, and Marketing in Never Have I Ever,” Dr. Pearce presented “Applying an Intersectional Fat Studies Lens to Young Adult Literature: Fat Bodies in Fat Chance, Charlie VegaDarius the Great is not Okay; and Love is a Revolution,” and Drs. Olson and Rosenberg were the cheering section.

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