Miscellany – April 21, 2015


After hearing about Dr. Komi Begedou’s research interests and the lack of American Literature available at his home institution in Togo, Sigma Tau Delta organized a book drive for the University of Lome. For the past academic year, Sigma Tau Delta has been collecting books in the English Department as well as at all Sigma functions. As a result, they will be sending 269 books to Dr. Begedou’s university this May.

Cecily Parks’s second poetry collection, O’Nights, was published this month by Alice James Books.

Pinfan Zhu’s article “Against Cultural Influence on Structuring a Discourse for Cross-Cultural Communication” was published as the lead article in the March 2015 issues of International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science. “The Impact of Business Cultural Values on Homepage Design That May Affect International Business” has been accepted by the Journal of Technical Writing & Communication.

Marilynn Olson presented “Billy Whiskers: Frances Trego Montgomery’s Primer for Two-Legged Kids (1902-1930)” at the Child and Citizenship symposium of the Critical Childhood Studies Seminar, held at Texas A&M, March 27th.

Rob Tally was named Outstanding Professor of the Year by Sigma Tau Delta.

Gabriel Schnell, graduating MFA fiction student, has accepted a position as an 11th grade Writing teacher at Gestalt Community Schools in Memphis, TN.

On April 15, several former student teachers participated in a panel organized by Stephanie Noll, Lindy Kosmitis, Sarah Youree, Keith Needham, and Laura Sims. The panelists – Kylie Cooper, Zach Soto, and Michele Benage – spoke to current student teachers in English about their experiences as new teachers. The panelists were given books for their classrooms thanks to Stephanie’s project, Old Books for New Teachers, which helps recent Texas State graduates build their classroom libraries.

2007 fiction graduate Amelia Gray’s third story collection, Gutshot, has just been published by FSG. To read its NPR review, click on this link: http://www.npr.org/2015/04/14/397071343/gutshot-is-gloriously-grand-guignol.

Lindy Kosmitis has been name 2014-15 Honors Professor of the Year.

Susan Morrison has been awarded the title of Honorary Professor of International Studies for a three-year term, beginning in the 2015-16 budget cycle. This is a renewal; Susan was also an Honorary Professor of International Studies for the 2012-15 cycle.

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